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Our Strategies

We manage equity, bond, and REIT portfolios on a stand alone and mixed portfolio basis.

U.S. Stocks

Our stock portfolio is managed in a “Core Style” which includes both growth and value investments in a predominantly sector-neutral manner. Our core equity portfolio comprises 30-45 mid and large-cap stocks that are diversified across all major sectors. Our disciplined, fundamentally based, theoretically sound investment strategy focuses on growth at a reasonable valuation.

U.S. Bonds

Our bond portfolio maximizes interest income with minimal volatility and risk to your investments. Our bond portfolios are comprised of 8-12 investment-grade corporate bonds that preserve principal while generating income above the rate of return one can make by holding cash in a checking or savings account.  Bonds add portfolio stability when stock prices fluctuate.


Our REIT portfolio is comprised of the highest quality publicly traded real estate companies in the U.S., offering a dividend yield double the broader equity market and serving as an inflation hedge.  REITs offer attractive characteristics including  investing alongside the best real estate management teams in the world, low capital requirements, ample liquidity, and equity-like returns over the long term.

Invest With Us

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