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Frequently Asked Questions

We manage equity, bond, and REIT portfolios or a combination of these three types of securities.

How are you different from a financial planner?

Simply put, we are focused on driving superior investment performance compared to the average financial planner that invests their client’s money in a basket of mutual funds. Our expertise is in evaluating stock and bond investments and in creating customized portfolios designed to grow your assets over time. Our team members have bachelor’s and master’s degrees in accounting and finance and all our professionals hold the CFA designation. Together we bring 50+ years of investing experience and we add value by investing directly in stock, bond, and public real estate companies for both greater returns and low fees.  Finally, we invest our own capital alongside our clients to ensure our interests are perfectly aligned with that of our clients.

How much do your services cost?

We charge a very transparent 0.25% of assets under management quarterly fee for our portfolio management and investment services. This fee schedule is structured so that we do better when our clients do better. Unlike many other investment advisors, we shy away from investing our clients in mutual funds or other high-cost products that charge additional fees on top of the traditional investment advisor fees. Our clients are not charged an additional assets under custody fee from our primary custodian—Charles Schwab.

Where are my investments held?

While Pavlic Investment Advisors maintains full discretion on the assets held in your account, we have partnered with Charles Schwab as our primary custodian to provide custody services with no assets under custody fees. Charles Schwab offers clients terrific technology at their fingertips while also maintaining record keeping and cost basis information for tax purposes.

What is the CFA Designation?

“CFA” stands for Chartered Financial Analyst. The CFA is the preeminent designation for investment management professionals around the world who focus on individual stock and bond specific security analysis. The curriculum is rigorous and requires over 300 hours of preparation to pass three levels of exams. For more information, visit

How often will I receive updates from Pavlic Investment Advisors?

We send statements every quarter along with our detailed four-page market review and outlook.  During times of market volatility, we communicate more often with our clients with our latest market thoughts and ideas.  Often times our biggest value-add to clients come during times of market duress.  We specialize in customized wealth management solutions for each client, so additional communication is often driven by the needs of clients. We are always available by phone, video conference, or an in-person meeting in our Delafield offices.

What are your minimum balances?

Our target household minimum is $300,000 across all accounts. However, under certain circumstances, the total account size may be lower depending on individual circumstances.

Is public information about your firm available?

Yes. The SEC’s website,, provides background information about all advisory firms that are state and federally registered. Information about our services, clientele, registrations, and ownership is available for your review.

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